Creative Ways to Save Some Cash

You’re probably already well acquainted with the standard financial advice tips which relate to budgeting and cutting back. But there are several more creative tactics to trimming expenses that you’ve likely never considered. Whether you should opt for couch surfing your next stay abroad or shopping for groceries in the middle of the week, there are plenty of ways to save when you think outside the box!

Minimize Trips to the Grocery Store

While you probably assume you have to stop by the grocery store once or even twice a week for fresh produce and milk, one of the lesser-known ways to save includes cutting back on these trips. It’s one of the easiest ways to spend less on groceries each month that no one really thinks about. This tactic forces you to be innovative with the items you already have in the pantry. Put your chef hat on and get creative!

Shop in the Middle of the Week

Wednesday is the ideal day for grocery shopping because most stores launch their latest sales mid-week. By browsing the aisles on a Wednesday, you can gain unprecedented first access to the most current deals. Plus, stores generally still honor the previous week’s coupon ads too. This means you can maximize saving while also shopping at the time when the store is the least crowded.

Check Your Apps Before Hitting the Store

Though it may seem repetitious, remember to check all shopping lists and recipes builders via grocery store apps and website prior to hitting the actual store. Many times, they will offer rewards and points or other benefits through these useful tools. One extra step could provide huge savings!

Utilize Price Comparison Tools

With various tools such as InvisibleHand that works as a browser add-on, you can find the lowest price on the item you need before you commit to a purchase in store. Regardless of whether you are shopping around for a holiday or searching the best travel deal, there are tools available to stretch your dollar. None of these tools get in the way of using your usual Internet browser either making them free of hassle and inconveniences.

Book Your Next Trip with an App

There are a number of new apps such as Roomer and StayAtHand which allow you to browse the best rates on hotels as well as availability. This kind of research is easy to do even when on your way to the destination as they lie in the convenience of your cell or high-tech device.

Sometimes saving some cash isn’t as straightforward as throwing your extra coins into a piggy bank! Using these lesser-known tactics can help you save big in the long run. What are some creative ways you’ve discovered to save some extra cash?

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