Breaking: Mobile Carrier Tries to Screw Customers

In a move that should surprise no one, New York City is accusing the fourth largest wireless carrier — T-Mobile — of “rampant” sales abuses of customers for it’s prepaid wireless service, Metro by T-Mobile.

The complaint, filed by the city in the supreme court in Manhattan, notes more than 2,200 violations by the top four wireless carrier throughout 56 Metro stores across all five boroughs. In fact, the suit alleges that T-Mobile engaged in “pervasive” illegal activity.

The rampant violations include everything from lying to customers about the condition of their “new phones” to charging excessive, hidden and possibly “made-up” fees and taxes. Additionally, T-Mobile is accused of partnering with third parties to enroll customers in expensive financing plans without their knowledge or consent and of promising a “30-day guarantee” on phones but only providing a very limited, seven day guarantee.

This lawsuit comes at a very bad time for the carrier, as T-Mobile tries to gain approval to merge with Sprint Corp., the third largest US mobile phone company. Reactions to the merger are far from positive: 16 US states, including New York and California, and Washington DC have sued to block the merger citing less competition and higher costs for customers.

Although fraudulent and sneaky practices by mobile carriers is not new or surprising, the bold misrepresentations seem to happen frequently. And, understandably, consumers feel helpless to change it. Fortunately, advocating for consumers is BILLSHARK’s specialty — and passion. Just send us your bills and we’ll negotiate a lower rate. Our eagle-eyed team of sharks will make sure that every package, fee and “tax” is the lowest possible, so that you never overpay again. And if we can’t lower your rate, the service is absolutely free.

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