How does this work?

Billshark is the market leader in the bill reduction space. We're partnering with VIPKid to offer teachers an exclusive discount on our bill reduction services.

Leveraging market intel and negotiations know-how, Billshark will negotiate lower rates on your Phone, TV, and Internet bills without changing your service.

What do I do?

Simple! Submit your bill and we'll negotiate with providers to reduce your rates!

Bank level security means your data is always secure.
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Create a username & password or login using Facebook or Google.

Upload bills

Upload your cable, TV, internet, mobile, alarm or phone bill (or we'll get it for you with your account login) and we'll negotiate with your provider to lower your bill.

Don't worry, no provider or unauthorized plan changes!

Kick back & relax!

We take it from there! We will keep you updated every step of the way.


No Risk, All Reward!

Billshark’s standard fee equals 40% of your total savings (but never longer than 24 months) however VIPKid teachers pay a reduced rate of 35%!

You can pay it all at once or set up a simple auto-payment plan to split your invoice into multiple payments.

ExampleIf we save you $100, your fee is just ~$35No savings, no fee!