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Apr 26, 2017,
Fast, easy, & it works. I was hesitant for a bit but amazed at how easy convenient and fast the process worked. It did save me $$$. Can't imagine a reason not to try them.

Apr 25, 2017,
Saved money on my cell phone bill! Thank you!

Apr 25, 2017,
Lowed my cable bill by $245 over 2yrs, & upgraded my channels as well as upped the internet speed!

Apr 24, 2017,
Thanks for the savings.

Apr 22, 2017,
I am thankful to Bill shark for the savings I was able to get through their negotiations.

Apr 21, 2017,
Wonderful Service!!

Apr 21, 2017,
Unexpected savings. A great team.

Apr 21, 2017,
I received 2 emails from you saying that the bill I sent was incomplete, and you needed more pages. I did not get around to it. Then, a couple of days later I received a call with my savings. I was surprised and delighted. Honestly, I thought you would save me more than $10 a month, but I can't complain. You did it for me!! I still think Comcast charges way too much money though.

Apr 21, 2017,
OMG!!!!!!!! It really does work!!! BILLSHARK lowered my bills for me - I didn't have to plead, beg or sell blood to lower my bills! LOL!!! Thank you BILLSHARK!

Apr 20, 2017,
They did what they said they would do. They saved me money on my cable bill. They also did it in a timely manner.

Apr 20, 2017,
I am really glad I heard about Billshark. After giving it a whirl on a TV/internet bill, they ended up saving me a bundle. I do think the 40% fee is a bit steep, but nonetheless, I still would have done it. Thank you for your ingenious idea to save people the hassle of dealing with providers!

Apr 20, 2017,
great service,so happy I love BILLSHARK!

Apr 19, 2017,
Got bills lower for 3 different providers and smooth easy process. Had this done after the NBC Nightly News report and did take some additional time but once the process begin the bills were lowered in a matter of minutes.

Apr 18, 2017,
great service...will def use again11

Apr 17, 2017,
Glad I found Billshark! I don't have the time to spend in learning to negotiate my bills, and you guys helped bump down my cable bill. I'll keep an eye out for other things to send your way. Thanks much!

Apr 17, 2017,
So fast and easy! Saved a lot of money for me!

Apr 14, 2017,
I was already at my lowest rate for my internet bill but you guys were able to still get me a one time $20 credit with them for a total saving of 12 bucks. Pretty cool. Thanks. One comment is that it did take a while, about a month, to get any kind of notice from someone at bill shark

Apr 12, 2017,
Agent was professional and explained my savings

Apr 11, 2017,
Got a credit on my account and valuable dates of promotions expiring. Only took a week!

Apr 9, 2017,
Great app. Commission is a bit high and hard to pay as a lump sum. If the savings is over 24 mo, shouldn't the commission be paid over months too?

Apr 7, 2017,
10 dollars saved 6 dollars kept win win

Apr 7, 2017,
Thanks for the savings

Apr 6, 2017,
Saved me $480/year for about 5mins of my time. I'd call that worth the investment. Thank u very much

Apr 6, 2017,
Billshark is an ingenious concept. Who likes waiting on hold for hours and arguing with a company about your bill? No One! I even argued a few months ago to have my cable bill reduced from $165 to $120 and the Sharks got them down to $98. It just goes to show you how much you are actually being over charged. Between my cable/internet and cell phone bill the sharks saved me $500 over the next 2 years!

Mar 31, 2017,
Great service and quick turnaround

Mar 31, 2017,
You rock! Where I could not make progress in speaking to these merchants, service providers, you guys got me some good deals!

Mar 30, 2017,
Happy to be saving money from my internet provider, after being told not two weeks there wasn't any better offer available.

Mar 29, 2017,
Fast service recommend this save alot of money

Mar 29, 2017,
Very quick and handy tool to help save money. They are not a scam. Very upfront business.

Mar 27, 2017,
Great job!

Mar 26, 2017,
Thank you very much. I'm really happy and satisfied with my saving plan.

Mar 25, 2017,

Mar 24, 2017,
They got my cable bill reduced without entering or extending a contract. The only reason for 5 stars is that it took about a month before anything happened.

Mar 24, 2017,
Great service! Highly recommend Billshark.

Mar 22, 2017,
Great service

Mar 20, 2017,
Awesome idea and perfect execution!! They just saved me $100 without any effort from my side. Highly recommended!!

Mar 19, 2017,
The only reason I'm not giving a 5 is because I think the fee is a bit steep. I'd be more likely to use y'all again if the fee was 25%.

Mar 16, 2017,
Billshark helped save me money and get a few extra perks as well. I've recommended them to friends and family.

Mar 15, 2017,
Billshark is great! Saved a ton of money on my wireless bill. Thank you

Mar 8, 2017,
You did a great job on my Sprint negotiation, although I haven't seen a change in my bill and the terms are not guaranteed, the deal seems good. I think it is something that I could have done on my own, but am grateful for the assistance.

Mar 8, 2017,
This service works.

Mar 7, 2017,
Saved $660 spread over 3 different bills. Worked like it was advertised. So far, I'm happy with the results.

Mar 7, 2017,
Even though is was one bill, it can still go a long way. Thank you so much for your convenience and hard work in helping me.

Mar 6, 2017,
Crystal was very good and communicated everything done thoroughly.

Mar 6, 2017,
Billshark was able to help me get the best deal out of my mobile plan. This will sure save me a lot of money.

Mar 2, 2017,
Billshark successfully negotiated my internet bill when I was not able to. Not only did they get my bill down $20/mo (a savings of more than $250/yr) they tripled my internet speed! The process was easy and painless and within a couple hours they notified me of my savings and BAM! Done!! I couldn't recommend them more! Very pleased and excellent to work with.

Mar 1, 2017,
Good savings, knowledgeable employees at Billshark, nothing complicated!

Feb 28, 2017,
Bill Shark save me over $2,400 on my cell phone bill over a 24 month period. Bill Shark's customer service was very professional and attentive to my needs. Can't recommend this service enough. Even if you think your bills aren't high, give Bill shark a try and you will most likely be surprised at the savings.

Feb 28, 2017,
Wonderful service! Highly recommended!

Feb 27, 2017,
Thanks for the savings!

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