Oct 21, 2017,
Billshark is the best!! Thanks for all of your help Steve!

Oct 20, 2017,
Good job! Got extra GB with no extra charge. Would like for it to be even cheaper but they did more than I could have!

Oct 18, 2017,
Thank you for the refund

Oct 16, 2017,
Service person was very responsive and very quickly contacted me with results.

Oct 13, 2017,
I am now afraid to get into the water with you!! Your team totally ROCKS the ocean! Thank you for saving me $480 on just my cell phone bill!!!!! And thank you big time for the Military discount on your services! That means A LOT to our family!

Oct 12, 2017,
This is great!! I was sceptical until they saved me over $20 on my tmobile bill!!

Oct 12, 2017,
Last month, Comcast raised my base internet package by $4/month. I gave the info to BillShark, and they got Comcast to lower my total bill by $20/month. When this deal runs out, I'll be back with BillShark to counter any offers Comcast has.

Oct 12, 2017,
Great and speedy service! Thumbs up.

Oct 11, 2017,
Great service no interaction needed

Oct 9, 2017,
The person who assisted me was super helpful!

Oct 8, 2017,
Through out the. process you guys stead in touch me and able to get my bil l lowerd. Thank ahain

Oct 7, 2017,
Very rapid resolution, very helpful, thank you!

Oct 4, 2017,
Outstanding! Easiest thing I've ever done!

Oct 2, 2017,
BillShark staff saved us money on our cable/phone/internet provider bill. Thanks, BillShark staff!

Sep 29, 2017,
Billshark comes to rescue again. Thank you for the savings!

Sep 28, 2017,
Thank you to BILLSHARK for lowering my bills. This is the 2nd time I've used them as they're MAGIC!!

Sep 27, 2017,
Negotiated my satellite radio bill down from $192 to $24. I don't want the aggravation of calling and haggling with providers. I'm happy to leave it to BillShark and trust that I will get the best deal available. Next - my cable and cell phone!

Sep 27, 2017,
Wow! $120/yr savings on Charter. Thank you!

Sep 24, 2017,
I would have liked to save more, but Billshark saved me $5/mo and I got a bunch of premium channels. So, more for less... Sounds good to me.

Sep 22, 2017,
So easy. Danielle was extremely helpful as well. VERY worth the little amount of time to complete.

Sep 21, 2017,
I didn't have to do anything and I saved $12 a month. Even with them taking a percentage I am still saving money!

Sep 21, 2017,
Wow! Got my wireless bill down $20 a month. Fabulous.

Sep 18, 2017,
Only one bill so far. My wireless bill got $20.00 per month off for a year. Fantastic. Curious to see what else they can do for me.

Sep 16, 2017,
BILLSHARK got me a $50.00 credit on my Verizon Wireless bill. My bill was split in half! Thank you BILLSHARK!!

Sep 15, 2017,
Excellent work. They got savings for me with my internet provider when I failed to do so.

Sep 15, 2017,
Love the services!

Sep 15, 2017,
Fast temporary results

Sep 14, 2017,
This service was easy and the communication with the rep was great. She made sure to check before making any changes. The savings is awesome too!

Sep 14, 2017,
It was so easy! The shark saved me just under $500!

Sep 12, 2017,
You guys are simply amazing thank you so much you helped me when I needed it the most.

Sep 11, 2017,
You guys got amazing results, you saved me a ton of cash on bills like utilities and plus you get other perks with dining retail and travel i wish i would've know about you guys much sooner!😄

Sep 11, 2017,
Tim was awesome!

Sep 9, 2017,
Billshark saved me $150 on my satellite TV! This isn't the first time Billshark has saved me a significant amount of money without any change in my service.

Aug 30, 2017,
Got a really great deal. I was expecting it to take effect on the next bill period but Bill shark made them put a $25 discount on my account today with Sprint. So now I will get their discount and my work discount which will make my service cheaper

Aug 29, 2017,
I can't believe how simple it was to save so much money! I am so glad I did this! I will be referring as many of my friends and acquaintances as I can because this is a great system and it works. I just hope that not too many people catch on, and it stops working. I saved upwards of $1500 and that's after their 40% cut of what they saved me! How can you NOT do this. It seems like a no brainer to me. I'm just elated that I can save so much money. Looks like I will be funding another Roth IRA for myself with the savings! Now that is something to be thankful for!

Aug 24, 2017,
Thanks You Very Much!!

Aug 23, 2017,
I did not know it was possible to lower my internet bill without changing my service

Aug 22, 2017,
Awesome service! I wanted to give a 4 and a half star rating because the only thing that could make BillShark better would be more savings! lol But I am very pleased with the savings you got for me. I just don't like to deal with these kinds of things. It's not in my DNA 🙂 Thanks again, Don P.

Aug 18, 2017,

Aug 17, 2017,
Was so impressed with the speed of response and ease of working with BillShark. Awesome experience!

Aug 14, 2017,
Easy to use. Was very happy with the savings they were able to provide.

Aug 13, 2017,
Quick service! I appreciate the savings!

Aug 12, 2017,

Aug 12, 2017,
Thank you but i was wondering if the credit i got is for 1 month or will my bill be cheaper every month

Aug 11, 2017,
Great job

Aug 10, 2017,
Loved it for cable bill help!

Aug 10, 2017,
Top notch service! cool!

Aug 9, 2017,
Ludmilla worked fast! Great result, thanks!

Aug 8, 2017,
Excellent way of doing business and I received a call that I had received my savings before even getting a text.

Aug 6, 2017,
Everyone should be using BILLSHARK! It look less than 10 minutes to upload bills and in less than 24 hours, they had secured over $3500 in savings for me over a 2 year period. Some of the savings will continue beyond the two year mark. The Shark assigned to my account kept in constant contact with me and was friendly and courteous. Don't wait-check this out today!

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