Jan 20, 2018,
Easy renewal by reply of yes to the email. Thanks!
Jan 19, 2018,
Very helpful and great customer service. The people seem so friendly here!
Jan 18, 2018,
Although they’re weren’t able to negotiate my bill but they STILL manage to get you some savings!
Jan 18, 2018,
Such a great service! I have been thoroughly impressed with the service I have received from the bill sharks. Excellent customer service, it's incredibly easy and so little work on my end and they are quite fast and keep you posted throughout. I cannot recommend this service enough!
Jan 17, 2018,
Really good option to save some bucks
Jan 15, 2018,
Again as I said in the previous feedback, thanks to Kristin Hipolito for helping me with this account reduction
Jan 15, 2018,
Kristin Hipolito was easy to work with over the phone and via email. Some of the issues I didn't understand. She helped me understand quite well.
Jan 14, 2018,
easy to deal with, fast service
Jan 13, 2018,
Owen was really nice and got me 10$ off my bill😁
Jan 13, 2018,
Thank you for the savings from Dish Network. I love your service and I am recommending it to famly.
Jan 11, 2018,
cant believe all my bills could actually be reduced, one-time/monthly. You just have to try to believe it!
Jan 11, 2018,
Very friendly and quick! Thanks to Luddy for saving me money
Jan 11, 2018,
Quick resolution.
Jan 10, 2018,
Kristen Hipolito provided amazing customer service and I really appreciate her work. Thank you for saving me money and getting a better deal.
Jan 8, 2018,
everything went well
Jan 6, 2018,
Billshark is great! They coordinate with the provider and then POOF, you have saved money! Well worth the small fee they charge. Thanks!
Jan 6, 2018,
Fast friendly service. The ease at which I was abke to communicate with my negotiator was refreshing.
Jan 3, 2018,
Best app i rver use. Really happy
Jan 3, 2018,
While they couldn't get much for me because my services costs were already pretty low, Jim got what we could, was responsive, and explained the details. Much appreciated!
Jan 1, 2018,
Very quick and productive. Saved me 240.00 on my cell phone bill. In less than a day of me signing up for their service. Very impressed. Have recommended to all my family and friends.
Dec 30, 2017,
Thank you so much Bill
Dec 29, 2017,
A really easy and rewarding experience. I hope to use them again in the future.
Dec 28, 2017,
They saved me $960 on my cell phone bill
Dec 28, 2017,
5 stars
Dec 26, 2017,
Dec 26, 2017,
I didn't have to do anything except reply yes to an email. Everything else was taken care of for me--couldn't get any easier than that!
Dec 24, 2017,
Happy to have BillShark save money on my cable bill.
Dec 24, 2017,
Jim not only got my cable/internet bill and wireless bill reduced, he also got me a bigger data plan! Thanks Jim and Billshark!
Dec 24, 2017,
BillShark saved me money on my bill and it was quick and easy..for me!
Dec 24, 2017,
Timely results
Dec 23, 2017,
The sharks bite with sharp teeth and grab every dollar of savings.
Dec 22, 2017,
Luddy really helped me! She got me $540 in savings!
Dec 21, 2017,
Great and Fast Service
Dec 20, 2017,
This is a really great service.
Dec 20, 2017,
Very quick. Going to save $240 over the year.
Dec 18, 2017,
Luddy at Billshark saved us $240.00 on our Verizon cell phone bill AND got us an extra 5 GB of data for less money! The Sharks are the best at saving us money. Thank you! You guys rock!
Dec 17, 2017,
Sitting here right now referring friends and family!!!
Dec 16, 2017,
Jim Belisle negotiated a $120 valued customer discount for one year. He called me to explain fully the discount and the new higher retail cost for Verizon's triple play package which basically offset the discount. I appreciated the call despite the disappointment about the increased cost of the package.
Dec 15, 2017,
Got some savings - prompt customer service
Dec 15, 2017,
What a fantastic surprise. BillShark offered to negotiate a lower price for my DirectV contract and delivered. Thanks BillShark.
Dec 15, 2017,
I spoke with the shark Luddy about a small discount she got us on an overpriced service. What i thought was even better than the discount was that she gave us a strategy to get an even bigger discount down the road because of the practically criminally abusive practices that the provider has. Not often do you get help like that, very appreciative of that communication.
Dec 14, 2017,
The sharks were helpful in saving me on my internet and cable bill. Thanks sharks.
Dec 11, 2017,
Thanks for reducing my cable bill that save me money.
Dec 11, 2017,
I was unable to get my bill lowered due to the type of plan that I am on. However, the team was very efficient and reached out to me promptly.
Dec 11, 2017,
The service is great. Negotiations were done quickly after I submitted my bill. I was kept in loop the entire time. I only don't give it 5 stars because 40% is a steep fee. 30% would be more reasonable and I would probably do the rest of my bills if it was at 30% or less.
Dec 9, 2017,
The best !!! Highly recommend !
Dec 9, 2017,
Very effective They save me cellphone bill, internet bill !!!
Dec 8, 2017,
BILLSHARK helped me save so much on my Cox internet bill! I don’t know how they did it but they worked a miracle. I would highly recommend!
Dec 7, 2017,
The first encounter was less good. However BILLSHARK made good this time around.
Dec 6, 2017,
exceeded my expectations. Always in communication every step of the way. great customer service
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