Getting Refunds and Relief During the COVID-19 Crisis

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold around the world, consumers are left to navigate the challenging financial twists and turns of a paralyzed economy. Here are some companies offering refunds and credits to help ease their customers’ financial burden.


American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Frontier, and others have all introduced new cancellation/change policies to reflect the evolving pandemic. Each airline outlines their policy in detail.


Most big auto insurers agree: If consumers are driving less, they should pay less. Here is a roundup of the refunds customers can expect from their auto insurer. In all cases, the refund will happen automatically and there is no need to call.


15% credit for the next full policy term (the entire 6 months of your policy.

State Farm

25% credit on insurance premiums for the period of March 20 and May 31, totaling $2 billion.


20% credit on two months of premiums totaling $520 million to its members.


15% refund on monthly premium in April and May, totaling $600 million.

Liberty Mutual

15% credit on two months of auto premium, based on the premium amount as of April 7.


20 percent credit for April and May for all auto customers.


15% credit on April and May premiums plus billing relief to customers through May 15, 2020.


15% cash refund for April and May coverage.

American Family Insurance

One-time $50 payment for each vehicle insured under a personal auto policy.


Phone and internet providers have pledged to keep Americans connected during this difficult time. Here’s what the service providers are offering.


60 days of free access to Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots, unlimited data, no disconnects or late fees, and Internet Essentials free to new customers.


Through May 13, AT&T pledges to keep public Wi-Fi hotspots open for everyone, provide unlimited data, waive late fees and not terminate service of any customer who is unable to pay their bill.


Through May 13, Verizon will waive late fees and overage charges, free 15GB of additional high-speed data for wireless and small business customers, free International calling to CDC- level 3 countries.


Sprint will provide unlimited data, 20 GB of free mobile hotspots, and will waive told charges for long-distance calls from the US to CDC- Level 3 countries.


Unlimited data, free international calling, suspended disconnections and free Wi-Fi hotspots.

Atlantic Broadband

The provider will not terminate service to any residential or small business customers and will waive late fees.

Stay tuned for more information about refunds and relief available to consumers. In the meantime, contact Billshark to negotiate your monthly bills and cancel your unwanted subscriptions.

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