Easy Steps to Lower Your Utility Bills at Home

Did you know that there are some small steps you can take at home to lower your monthly bills? These items might be things you never even think about doing – but could potentially provide you great savings in the long run! One of your most expensive house bills besides mortgage, rent and food is your utilities. Follow along and see what you and your family could be doing to save on your bills and utilities:

Unplug any electronic devices you are not using. You can unplug your hair dryer, toaster, coffee maker, laundry machines or other appliances that you don’t use every day. Additionally, you can make sure you take your cell phone cord out of the wall when you are done charging it. These “phantom charges” are not the highest expenses on your electric bill, but unused plugged-in appliances do account for a small amount of your monthly electricity usage. Every bit counts.

Don’t forget to turn off your computer or TV. The television is known as one of the electronic devices that uses the most power besides a refrigerator, stove or clothes dryer. If you still use a desktop computer, this device also uses up quite a bit of power. Either have a timer set or turn them off and unplug them when not in use.

Program your thermostat or install one. If you wake up at the same time and go to bed at the same time, you might benefit from using a programmable thermostat. It will help you have the temperature you want throughout your house in the morning and before you turn in for the night, but you won’t forget to turn it off when not needed.

Install automatic lighting. If it turns off or turns on when you enter or leave the room, it can eliminate the need to remember to shut off the lights. This adjustment could save you more money that you expect if your household leaves on every light in the house!

Install energy-efficient light bulbs. The LED and CFL types are reported to be among the most efficient. You could save about $.66 per month per bulb for about four hours of usage. This multiplied by just five bulbs could save you about $40 per year.

Watch TV online. An increased amount of programming from network and CableTV stations is now presented online. You could probably decrease your media bill in half just using online services instead of having CableTV.

Fix plumbing leaks immediately. One of the reasons water bills are so high is because of leaking pipes. It might cost money to have it repaired, but that maintenance will cost you less than months or years of wasted water.

This might spark other ideas of how you can save money on house bills. Your future might depend on you making even some of the smallest changes. Even the smallest changes can add up to big savings over time. And here at Billshark, we LOVE savings!

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