Getting Your Refund for Your AT&T Unlimited Plan Data

AT&T`s unlimited plan was subject to usage caps and data throttling several years ago when customers discovered usage caps. As one of the leading mobile telephone providers in the United States, these allegations and resulting settlement had far-reaching implications for both customers and the communications giant.

Discover what steps AT&T took to make things right for its customers after the accusations.

Overview of the FTC Settlement for AT&T Unlimited Plan Fraud

After signing up for unlimited data plans, AT&T customers discovered that their internet speed was throttled after using a certain amount of data each billing cycle. The slower browsing speed limited the ability to use the internet effectively and made some streaming activities impossible.

Customers believed the AT&T unlimited plan delivered on its promise and were meant to provide unlimited amounts of high-speed data each billing cycle. Instead, the company carefully concealed the actual terms of the plan that reduced the speed after customers hit targeted data caps.

The FTC`s Response

The Federal Trade Commission filed an AT&T unlimited data lawsuit in response to the misleading information given to customers. AT&T tried to challenge the lawsuit multiple times but ultimately lost. The ruling ended in favor of the FTC and AT&T customers, with millions of dollars directed into a funding account to issue past and present customer refunds.

Allegations of Misleading AT&T Unlimited Plan Data Customers

The FTC allegations against AT&T claim that the telecommunications company failed to disclose to millions of customers that the unlimited data plans they purchased would have reduced or throttled data speeds for the remainder of the billing cycle once the customer used a certain amount of data.

In some cases, throttles began after just two gigabytes of data were consumed. This resulted in reduced data speeds, affecting web browsing, video streaming, and typical applications on mobile phones

Data speeds were reduced by 90% for some customers.

Repercussions for Customers

Unfortunately, companies of all sizes commonly take advantage of consumers by overcharging for services while under-delivering on their promises.

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Details of the FTC Settlement for AT&T Unlimited Plan Claims

Initially filed in 2014, the AT&T unlimited data throttling lawsuit reached a settlement agreement in November 2019.

The AT&T unlimited plan settlement provided $60M in partial refunds for customers who held these unlimited data plans between the years 2011 to 2015. Many current customers received a refund as a credit on their bill. A refund check was also mailed to former AT&T customers.

Where It Stands

So far, about $52M has been issued to customers to make amends for the misleading data plans, but AT&T could not locate all former customers to deliver the appropriate refunds. However, under the AT&T unlimited plan settlement terms, former customers that have not yet received a check may still be eligible for a refund by submitting a claim. If you qualify, you can submit a claim through the FTC website until May 18th of this year.

View of the AT&T headquarters

AT&T Unlimited Plan Claim Settlement Impact On Future Customers

The AT&T unlimited plan settlement demands that the company reveal any data restrictions on its advertised plans in clear terms instead of hiding these critical details in the fine print. This is essential for delivering transparency to customers and preventing companies from taking advantage of them.

In 2015, AT&T attempted again to slow customer data speeds after specific data usage on their unlimited plans. The multiple efforts to defraud customers highlight how vital this settlement is.

Lessons Learned from the FTC Settlement with AT&T

Some of the biggest AT&T unlimited plan settlement lessons are the importance of consumer protection and transparency in advertising. The concept is simple: Customers dislike it when companies lie to them. AT&T previously promised plans with unlimited data and failed to provide that.

Without transparency, fostering sound customer relationships that encourage long-term retention is impossible. Customers that are treated poorly and learn they have been lied to rightly wonder if they can get a better experience elsewhere. The widespread misleading tactic used by AT&T has taught customers to read their plan contracts carefully.

No Tolerance for Scammers

The AT&T unlimited plan allegations and settlement point out the prevalence of scammers, even from the companies consumers know and trust. The final terms of the settlement helps protect customers by holding these big companies responsible for giving misleading information that results in poor service and a disappointing experience. In addition, it communicates that prioritizing profits by lying and scamming customers will not be tolerated and has serious consequences.

How Billshark Can Help AT&T Unlimited Plan Customers

Are you a former AT&T customer owed a refund from an AT&T unlimited plan?

If you had an AT&T unlimited plan between 2011 and 2015, have not yet received a refund, and experienced data throttling, you may be eligible for a refund from the remaining settlement funds. Fill out the form to submit your claim and receive your money.

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