Speed Test

The Sharks want to know: How fast are you surfing?








BILLSHARK’s Internet speed test is specifically designed to test the Ping, Download and Upload speeds on all of your devices. Once you complete the test, we’ll let you know what types of connections your device is capable of handling. Just close the open tabs in your browser, make sure your computer is idle, and click on “start test” to begin! The speedometers on the test will indicate your connection speed in realtime.


The speed of your internet is important for a few reasons. The faster your connection, the better your browser can support services like VoIP (voice over IP), live video streaming (YouTube and Netflix), and gaming. We check speeds for these ISPs: Comcast, XfinityTime Warner CableCharter, SprintT MobileSuddenlinkAT&TVerizon, CenturyLink,
Frontier, DirecTV, Dish, Optimum, MediaCom and Cox.


So what should you do if the results are not up to speed? Try the following:


Count the number of devices that use your network. You may not have enough bandwidth to support all your devices.
Make sure there are no loose or worn connections in your network wiring.
Ensure that your modems and routers are up to date.


Good luck and happy surfing!